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Eco-Friendly alternatives offered by Avis


Avis has announced that its 2010 car hire fleet is all set to provide leisure and business car hire customers with an eco-friendly ride.

The car rental firms line-up for 2010 allows renters to choose between a large variety of SmartWay-certified vehicles, such as Nissan Versa and Hyundai Sonata. The SmartWay certification program was set up by the US Environmental Protection Agency andranks vehicles based on greenhouse gas emission and air pollution standards.

Sixty-two per cent of Aviss fleet is currently made up of SmartWay certified vehicles. Almost 100 per cent of vehicles that are compact, subcompact and intermediate have achieved EPAs seal of approval. Aside from SmartWay cars, Avis also allows customers to reserve specific models of electric/gas hybrid vehicles through their Cool Car Collection.

Avis Budget Groups senior vice president of marketing, Becky Alseth, said that customer needs are varied and Avis wanted to include products and services that appeal to those wanting to minimize their impact on the environment.

Avis also offers other alternatives to green-thinking customers. Among these is Where2 GPS navigation, a satellite positioning system that allows renters to reach their destinations via the quickest and most efficient route while producing lower emissions and using less fuel. In additional to this, eToll is a service that allows customers to access the automated toll lanes. Studies have shown that electronic toll collections reduce carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons emissions significantly.