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EgyptAir jet diverted to Athens after bomb scare


British passengers on an airline jet from London to Cairo have spent the night in hotels in Athens after the plane was diverted to the Greek capital. The decision to cut the flight short was made after a note was apparently discovered on board with the word bomb written on it. The EgyptAir service had 251 passengers on board and had departed from Heathrow before landing at Athens International.

According to a spokeswoman from the airport, the plane had managed to land safely and there was no harm done to any of those on board. Citizens from the UK are being advised by the Foreign Office to try and avoid any unnecessary travel to Cairo as the civil unrest continues.

Police are currently investigating the situation and have searched that aircraft for any signs of explosives. At the current time it is not known whether anything has been found. The airport spokeswoman confirmed that a note was thought to be the cause of the flight diversion.

At the end of last week, the Foreign Office said Britons should avoid travelling to Suez, Luxor, Alexandria and Giza as well as the capital. The announcement followed an increase in the scale of the demonstrations against the regime of President Mubarak. Demonstrations have taken place throughout Egypt with thousands taking to the streets.

Curfews are now in place over-night in most major cities and President Mubarak has tried to quell the situation by making the announcement that he has dissolved the current government.