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Europcar Talks Eco Friendly Car Hire


Europcar has just recently announced that it will be offering the brand new Fiat models. This will include the very eco friendly Punto, Grand Punto, Panda, Bravo, Qubo, Idea, and 500. The global marketing director of Europcar, Jehan de The, said that Europcar strives to be more eco friendly all the time. Thus, a partnership with Fiat seems to be the most logical choice for Europcar.

The need for greener cars has become a very important factor for Europcar in recent years. Back in 2008, Europcar actually became the very first European car hire company to be given the Green Charter in recognition of the car hire company's green initiatives.

Jehan de The went on to say that Europcar is attempting to pioneer an eco friendly approach to car hire through a number of initiatives. One of the main ways that Europcar wants to achieve an eco friendly approach is to offer customers a vehicle that has a minimum impact on the environment.

Of course, the partnership with Fiat is not the only approach that Europcar has taken to become more environmentally friendly. The Europcar website now offers its consumers the ability to assess and compare the average CO2 emissions that is given off for each group of cars within its fleet. This way consumers can choose the best car for the environment if they want to.

Right now Europcar continues to do what it can and take the necessary steps to improving its own impact on the environment. This is a move that many experts say is one that car hire companies should be taking.