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Heathrow Airport inaugurates dial M for meal service


Heathrow Airport has launched a ground-breaking service which allows flyers to pre-order meals and beverages while they are still in check-in queues. The London airports partner in setting up the app is US based Grab.

For the Heathrow partnership, Grab has set up a new entity called Get Grab which can be accessed via the airports own guide app. The app allows passengers to check which restaurants offer the service, place an order, check how long it will take to prepare, pay and then find out where to pick up the order from.

TRG Concessions was the first to sign up to provide service on the app and has restaurants such as Comptoir Libanais and Wondertree under its umbrella. Nick Ayerst is the managing-director of TRG and he says Get Grab will offer passengers more convenience and likely lead to a higher turnover of meals.

Mr Ayerst continued by saying TRG was dedicated to serving premium food quickly and Grab was the ideal partner for the future. Heathrow food and beverage boss Ben Crowley said all were happy to be adding to the dining choices for passengers by partnering with Grab.

Grabs Jeff Livney said the service would gel with Heathrows aim of ensuring every passengers journey was better. He explained that Grab would ensure access to a streamlined takeaway meal and drinks service for busy travellers.

The trial run of Get Grab only includes a few F&B outlets at present, but there is a minimum of one in each of the airports terminals. The long-term plan is to roll it out so that it includes all restaurants. To give Heathrow Grab a shot in the arm, the company is advertising the service to US users taking London-bound flights.