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Japan Ishigaki Island tops 2018 TripAdvisor list of trending hols hotspots


The just released TripAdvisor list of up and coming holiday locations saw Japans Ishigaki Island take the top spot. For the Travellers Choice Awards 2018 list of Top Destinations on the Rise, travellers lauded Ishigaki for its fabulous beaches and almost crystal clear seas.

Reviewers noted Ishigakis beaches were sandy and brilliant white and the highlight of a holiday was to take a trip in a glass-bottomed boat. The trips give unparalleled views of colourful tropical fish and coral reefs. Yonehara Beach and the panoramic views from the Tamatorizaki Observatory were accorded special mentions by TripAdvisor reviewers.

Ishigaki is one of the Okinawa islands of southern Japan. It is actually a lot closer to Taiwan than it is to Tokyo and the main island of Honshu. Due in part to the lack of proximity to mainland Japan and a generally warmer climate, Ishigakis culture and cuisine is a lot different.

Across the other side of the Pacific Ocean, a sleepy town in Hawaii took second place in the 2018 Destinations on the Rise table. Kapaa is on the east side of Kauai and lies at the foot of Mt Nounou. In addition to a stunning setting, Kapaa enchanted travellers with a welcoming aura, great shopping and dining outlets, and homely hotels.

The next three destinations were all cities and also spread around the world. Nairobi in Kenya was third on the list and was followed by Halifax in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia and then Gdansk in Poland. Positions six to ten were taken by San Jose in Costa Rica, Riga in Latvia, Rovinj in Croatia, Nerja in Spain and Casablanca in Morocco respectively.