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Renting cars and property in Spain to get tougher


The Home Office minister in Spain has announced a series of measures designed to monitor who rents cars and houses. The new rules were announced by Juan Ignacio Zoido two days ago after a meeting of all the party members involved in the Anti-Terrorist Committee.

The new regulations will require car hire firms, estate agents and property owners to register their clients details with local authorities. This measure is designed to give the Civil Guard and other security agencies in Spain rapid access to the details of domestic and international tourists and thereby help them locate suspected terrorists.

Minister Zoido said the regulations regarding hire cars and rented property would be enacted next year. He added that other terrorism controls to be enacted over the course of 2018 were the sharing of details for passengers on international and domestic flights and more stringent controls over the sale of butane gas cylinders and bottles.

The Anti-Terrorist Committee was founded in the aftermath of the twin terrorist attacks staged in Barcelona and Cambrils last August. The meeting this week was the first full one the committee had held since just after the original attack and all political parties showed up.

In the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks, vehicles were used to mow down victims and 14 people were killed. These were copycat attacks similar to others in London, Nice and Berlin. Like other European countries, ministers in Spain were said to be appalled at how easy it was to get hold of hire cars and vans which could be used in terror attacks.