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River Thames boat operator to introduce Harry Potter cruises


Barge Lady Cruises has announced two summer packages which will take voyagers to Harry Potter themed sites in London and Oxford. The two August cruises will take fans of the fantasy films to many of the locations thought to have inspired the settings author JK Rowling recreated in her original seven books.

Barge Ladys Harry Potter specials are six nights apiece and will take in Oxford Universitys Christ Church College and other locations which were the basis for Hogwarts Schools Great Hall and other halls. Another port-of-call is the meeting ground between Harry and Hippogriff Buckbeak at Virginia Water.

Passengers will also take in number 4 Privet Drive, or Picket Post Close in real life, which featured in the first and fifth films. Hampton Court and Windsor Castle excursions plus a tour of the Warner Bros Harry Potter studios are also on the itineraries. The Harry Potted themed packages kick off with gourmet afternoon cream teas at Londons presigious Stafford Hotel.

Barge Lady is using the luxury Magna Carta Thames barge to operate the tours. The barge has been refurbished to suit discerning 21st century travellers and features four well-appointed, twin-occupancy cabins and a huge lounge-restaurant fitted out for royalty.

The two cruises will depart on two Sundays in August, the 5 and 19, and return the following Saturdays. A voyage on the heritage trail of Harry Potter comes with a sizable price tag. A look at Barge Ladys schedule shows a rate of almost 3,000 a person for the seven-day, six-night cruise.