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Car hire Mendoza Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Argentina, including the following location: Mendoza Airport

Location information for Mendoza Airport

Francisco Gabrielli Airport car hire

Francisco Gabrielli International Airport serves the city of Mendoza and its surrounding Cuyo region, in northwest Argentina. Car hire in Francisco Gabrielli International Airport can be used to travel the five-mile distance to central Mendoza in half the time of city buses. Nearly a million passengers used this two-floor airport in 2010.

Francisco Gabrielli Airport facilities

The airport’s terminal handles direct flights to Santiago, Chile in addition to about half-a-dozen flights to Argentine destinations. Passengers can exchange euros, Chilean pesos and American dollars at the terminal. Other terminal amenities include a tourism office, an ATM, a restaurant, wireless internet access and desks offering car rental in Francisco Gabrielli International Airport at the Arrivals and Departures areas.

Francisco Gabrielli Airport excursions

Situated at the crossroads of two large Argentine motorways, Mendoza was ranked among National Geographic’s top 10 worldwide historic destinations in 2008. Despite its dry desert location, Mendoza’s intricate manmade irrigation system has helped the region become Latin America’s biggest wine production area. Mendoza is also a popular stop for mountain climbers wishing to tackle nearby Aconcagua, the Western Hemisphere’s highest peak.

Best time to visit

Although Mendoza summers are usually hot and dry, the city lacks the humidity of Buenos Aires. The summer months between November and March bring the city’s greatest rainfall. Late June to late August is Mendoza’s winter ski season, but the mountains always provide cool refuges from the city heat no matter what time of year.

Car rental in Francisco Gabrielli Airport

After visitors compare car hire to get the best deals at the airport, they may drive along either National Route 7, the motorway between Santiago and Buenos Aires or National Route 40, western Argentina’s major north to south motorway. Car hire is particularly recommended to venture into the vineyards south of the city. Mountain passes leading into Chile may be blocked for many days during bad winter weather.