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Car hire Neuquén Capital Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Argentina, including the following location: Neuquén Capital Airport

Location information for Neuquén Capital Airport

Neuquen - Airport car hire

Presidente Perón International Airport serves Neuquen, a centrally located Argentine city where the Limay and Neuquen rivers meet. Large Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft can land at this airport, which is located four miles west of Patagonia’s largest city with car rental in Neuquen - Airport. An estimated 400,000 people entered this airport in 2009.

Neuquen - Airport facilities

The airport offers charter flights to Bolivia and Brazil alongside Sol Líneas Aéreas direct flights to Comodoro Rivadavia. Three airlines supply direct daily Buenos Aires flights. Customs and migrations facilities are available for international passengers, and desks for car hire in Neuquen - Airport are on hand. Up to 200 vehicles can park in the lot opposite the terminal building and the terminal provides passengers with all basic amenities.

Neuquen - Airport excursions

Works by artists from throughout Argentina and the world are showcased inside the four halls of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, among the biggest attractions within Neuquen’s city limits. After passengers compare car hire and choose their selected vehicles, they will encounter pear, apple and other fruit trees along Neuquen’s surrounding roads. Recommended daytrips include Limay River fishing, the San Patricio del Chañar vineyards and assisting the professionals at the Lago Barreales paleontology centre.

Best time to visit

Neuquen is known for its low rainfall and arid climate. Strong winds and low humidity help the hot summer months feel cooler between November and March. Night temperatures sometimes fall below freezing from June to August, but snow is a relatively rare sight. Neuquen’s most pleasant months may be the transition seasons of autumn (April to mid-June) and spring (October to mid-December).

Car rental in Neuquen - Airport

National Route 22 runs through the middle of Neuquen and travels through the Rio Negro Valley. Drivers on this road can be dangerously impatient, especially those behind the wheels of heavy trucks. The Desert Route, officially called Provincial Route 20, must be driven with caution as much of its plains scenery can be monotonous, adding to the risk of drivers falling asleep.