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Car hire Santa Fe Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Argentina, including the following location: Santa Fe Airport

Location information for Santa Fe Airport

Sauce Viejo Airport car hire

Sauce Viejo Airport serves the northeast Argentine city of Santa Fe and its surrounding namesake province. This airport was first constructed in 2005, 10 miles southwest of central Santa Fe with car rental in Sauce Viejo Airport. The budget Sol Líneas Aéreas carrier supplies direct flights to Rosario and Buenos Aires from here. Aerolíneas Argentinas also offers Buenos Aires flights each morning and evening.

Sauce Viejo Airport facilities

Car hire in Sauce Viejo Airport can be used to travel to Santa Fe in about half the time as a bus ride. Only 20 of the 150 places where visitors can park their vehicles at the airport are covered. Passengers can use wireless internet, an ATM or public telephones at the small airport terminal. A bar and café are places where passengers can grab quick snacks.

Sauce Viejo Airport excursions

Most of Santa Fe’s outstanding colonial buildings stand in the city’s southern section, but the Setubal lagoon lies in eastern Santa Fe. This generally peaceful lagoon gets crowded on holidays and Sundays. The lagoon’s waters lead into the nearby Parana River, a popular place to stroll, hunt and fish. A canal links Santa Fe to the Parana River port of Colastiné.

Best time to visit

Northern hot winds increase the heat and humidity of Santa Fe’s summer season, also the city’s wettest season. Intense thunderstorms often accompany this heavy summer rainfall. Polar winds bring frost and cold air to Santa Fe in winter, but temperatures typically stay above freezing. Rain and cold are just as common as dryness and warmth during the unpredictable spring months. The autumn month of April may be the most comfortable month to visit the city.

Car rental in Sauce Viejo Airport

Although Santa Fe’s south and central areas are generally walkable, visitors should compare car hire and obtain a private vehicle to explore the rest of the city’s wide streets and surrounding countryside. Weekday urban traffic can be crowded and local motorists tend to suddenly switch lanes. The Hernandarias Subfluvial Tunnel connects Santa Fe with its twin city, Parana, via National Route 168.