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Car hire Bundaberg

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If you’re having trouble choosing your next destination for your next holiday because of budget constraints, why don’t you try looking for a place that will give you lots of fun but at a rather inexpensive price? Such a place doesn’t exist, you say? Nonsense! Bundaberg, located in Queensland Australia, can provide you quality fun at a very low price. In fact, if you get nice hotel and a car hire in Bundaberg, you’re pretty much set for your vacation. The attractions in that quaint town will hardly make you feel like you’ve spent money at all. First off, there’s the Bundaberg Rum Distillery, where you’ll only need to pay a small fee in order to go on the tour, where you get to learn how rum is made. The distillery is open to the public from 10am to 3pm and only costs about 5 to 10 dollars. This fee even includes two free tastings of the famous rum! It’s well worth a money and truly an experience to remember. Another place to go to in Bundaberg is the Bundaberg Barrel. Aside from the Bunda Rum, Bundaberg also produces Ginger Beer, which you can taste by visiting the Bundaberg Barrel. Like the Distillery, you’ll also learn all about brewing here, complete with guided tours and interactive computer exhibits. Indeed, if you’re after a great vacation at a small budget, then just get a cheap car hire in Bundaberg. It would really help you save money.