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Car hire Fortaleza Airport

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Location information for Fortaleza Airport

It takes a matter of minutes to reach Brazil’s fifth-biggest city with car hire in Fortaleza Airport. This airport, officially named Pinto Martins International Airport, lies a mere four miles south of downtown Fortaleza, in a neighborhood called Serrinha. Nearly 850 vehicles can park simultaneously at this airport, whose total passenger throughput tops the four million mark each year.

Fortaleza Airport facilities

This facility became an international airport the year before its current terminal opened in 1998. Milan, Rome, Amsterdam and Lisbon stand alongside numerous Brazilian cities as destinations reached directly from here. Airport passengers can either compare car hire on arrival or reserve vehicles well in advance. A bust of the airport’s namesake aviator, the first person to fly between Rio de Janeiro and New York City, stands in the terminal. Basic passenger amenities such as shops selling snacks, restrooms and telephones are available.

Fortaleza Airport excursions

Fortaleza’s forró music and dance may be its biggest claim to fame, but the city’s beaches are also becoming better known. The best beaches lie outside the city limits and can be reached with car rental in Fortaleza Airport, including Praia do Futuro, whose 150 beach shacks always serve crab on Thursdays. The Coco River meets the Atlantic Ocean for unique freshwater swimming opportunities at neighboring Caça e Pesca.

Best time to visit

Fresh Atlantic Ocean breezes offset Fortaleza’s typically dry and hot year-long climate. Beaches tend to be cooler than the inland city. Rainfall is almost nonexistent between July and November, while most late summer and early autumn downpours from February to May happen after dark. Visitors can expect ideal beach weather no matter when they come to Fortaleza.

Car rental in Fortaleza Airport

Beach buggies are popular rental vehicles in Fortaleza, a fairly safe city whose main attractions are concentrated in a small seaside area. Police officers constantly patrol the main Beira Mar street, but venturing into side streets can be risky. As in most other big Brazilian cities, the sound of honking horns rarely stops during Fortaleza traffic jams.