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Car hire São Luis Airport

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Location information for São Luis Airport

Serving the seaside city of Sao Luis, Sao Luiz Airport is officially called Marechal Cunha Machado International Airport. It currently only operates domestic flights to major Brazilian cities. Over one million travellers pass through the airport each year, many of whom arrange car hire in Sao Luiz Airport to make the nine-mile journey into the city centre.

Sao Luiz Airport facilities

The airport has one passenger terminal building and outdoor parking facilities for up to 500 cars. Facilities found here include a post office, money exchange, eateries, shops and a VIP lounge. A tourist information desk is also available on site as well as car rental in Sao Luiz Airport.

Sao Luiz Airport excursions

The airport can be found in Tirirical. The Avenue dos Franceses connects it to the city centre. The Old Town is the city’s main attraction; however, many people come to enjoy the beaches of Ponta d'Areia, São Marcos and Calhau, which are found outside the city centre. It is possible to walk around the city, making car hire in Sao Luiz Airport best suited to visiting the beaches.

Best time to visit

Although Sao Luis can be visited year round, the best time to arrive here is between July and December, when rainfall is at a minimum and the ocean’s cool breeze makes the heat more bearable. June is a great month to visit for the popular Festa Junina festival, while January to May is the least ideal time to arrive due to heavy rainfall.

Car rental in Sao Luiz Airport

Driving in the city centre itself is not necessary as most attractions here can be arrived at on foot. For visiting areas outside of the centre and to enjoy the beaches, car hire in Sao Luiz Airport is highly recommended. Compare car hire options before arriving as there is much variety in model and price.