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Car hire Brunei International Airport

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Location information for Brunei International Airport

Brunei International Airport car hire

Since the 1974 opening of Brunei International Airport, more and more people have discovered the small oil-rich sultanate of Brunei. In 2005, well over a million passengers entered the airport’s international terminal. As there are no more than 40 taxis in the entire tiny nation, car rental in Brunei International Airport is the most efficient way to explore the country. Direct flights to Melbourne, London, Dubai, Jeddah and most major Southeast Asian cities are available.

Brunei International Airport facilities

The wealthy Sultan of Brunei’s private jet has its own terminal, but the vast majority of passengers use the public international terminal. An on-site Avis office allows passengers to compare car hire here. The Departures hall features money changers, convenience shops, smoking areas, a quiet prayer room and even a transit day room where passengers can nap after long flights.

Brunei International Airport excursions

All of Brunei’s roads lead to Bandar Seri Begawan, the country’s capital, which takes about 10 minutes to reach with car hire in Brunei International Airport. Bandar Seri Begawan’s major attractions are its mosques, museums and the Sultan's sprawling palace. Motorists wishing to visit Ulu Temburong National Park in the isolated Temburong district must pass through two Malaysian immigration checkpoints along the way.

Best time to visit

There truly is no bad time to visit Brunei. Its tropical temperatures remain steady throughout the year and the country is free from floods, earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters. Even the September to January rainy season is relatively mild compared to most other Southeast Asian countries. January, the first month of Brunei’s dry season, may be the hottest month of all.

Car rental in Brunei International Airport

Bandar Seri Begawan traffic jams may be the biggest driving danger in this country where virtually everyone owns a private vehicle. The main road through the national capital connects to a safe coastal road and the toll bridge into Malaysia. Drivers may venture off the main road to a scenic jungle path to Labi, an excursion best made by four-wheel drive. Motorists should expect long waits at Malaysian border crossings, especially on weekends.