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Car hire Havre-St-Pierre Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Canada, including the following location: Havre-St-Pierre Airport

Location information for Havre-St-Pierre Airport

Havre-St-Pierre Airport services the city of the same name. This small airport has one terminal, which is operated by Transport Canada. Some of the airlines operating here are Exact Air and Air Liason, who run scheduled flights to nearby cities in Quebec. Flights happen about once a day so car rental in Havre-St-Pierre Airport is limited.

Havre-St-Pierre Airport facilities

Parking is one of the few facilities at the airport. There are no restaurants or cafés, while duty-free shops are lacking. Besides a check-in area, there is a small maintenance garage attached to the terminal to service aircraft.

Havre-St-Pierre Airport excursions

The city of Havre-St-Pierre is located three kilometers from the airport along Route 138. Car hire in Havre-St-Pierre Airport will get passengers into the city in no time. The main reason tourists come to this area is to check out Mingan Archipelago National Park, which feature natural limestone sculptures.

Best time to visit

With the winter (November to February) in this part of Quebec being inhospitable for even the bravest of travelers, the summer (May to September) is the most sensible time to visit. A trip to the national park in the summer will allow visitors to see all the interesting sculptures at a pleasant temperature.

Car rental in Havre-St-Pierre Airport

With no car rental outlets situated on site at the airport, car hire in Havre-St-Pierre Airport is best booked online in advance. Local car hire providers are able to drop rental cars off at the airport. Compare car hire companies for the best prices. Driving around the city presents few challenges, but driving here in winter requires drivers to be well prepared for the snowy conditions.