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Car hire Lethbridge Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Canada, including the following location: Lethbridge Airport

Location information for Lethbridge Airport

With an annual passenger thoroughput of just 55,000 on average, Lethbridge Airport is one of Alberta's smaller airports. It only services flights to Calgary and Edmonton. The two airlines that operate at the airport are Air Canada and Integra Air. The airport never services more than 10 scheduled flights on any one day.

Lethbridge Airport facilities

The parking facilities at the airport are impressive for the size of the airport, with a separate parking area for Integra Air passengers. There is a snack machine and car rental in Lethbridge Airport through some of the world's leading rental companies.

Lethbridge Airport excursions

Most visitors head to the downtown area of Lethbridge, which was awarded the honor of being Canada's cultural capital in 2005. The South Alberta Art Gallery is a highlight; it exhibits modern art by artists from around Canada. Car hire at Lethbridge Airport can also be used to drive to Waterton Lakes National Park, which has hiking and fishing in the warm months and cross-country skiing in the winter.

Best time to visit

The summer months (May to August) see comfortable temperatures in Lethbridge. This is when most visitors come here. The winter (November to February) offers visitors superb opportunities to ski or snow-hike as well as participate in the Figure Skating Festival or the Winter Festival, but temperatures commonly drop to below freezing.

Car rental in Lethbridge Airport

Car rental in Lethbridge Airport offers discount prices all year round for those who book early. Compare car hire prices online to keep track of the best deals. Several major highways converge in Lethbridge, making accessing other cities easy. Winter driving conditions can be challenging for drivers unaccustomed to snow and sleet.