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Car hire Aeroport De Mont-Joli compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Canada, including the following location: Aeroport De Mont-Joli

Location information for Aeroport De Mont-Joli

Mont Joli Airport is located in the southeast of Quebec and services flights to and from other cities in Quebec Province. The most popular route is Mont Joli to Baie Comeau, which passes directly over the St Lawrence Gulf, making it the quickest route between the two cities. The airport takes care of 6,000 flights per year on average.

Mont Joli Airport facilities

The parking facilities at Mont Joli Airport provide spaces for up to 200 cars. During the airport’s daytime opening hours, it is possible to buy food from a small on-site restaurant or vending machines. Providers of car rental in Mont Joli Airport are open throughout the day.

Mont Joli Airport excursions

Arriving passengers who use car hire in Mont Joli Airport will be able to drive quickly into the city of Mont Joli. This small city has a pleasant art gallery and its Mitis Riviera Park is rated as one of Canada's best. Those with time on their hands can drive to Montreal, located 200 miles southeast of the city.

Best time to visit

The city’s location on the Gulf of St Lawrence means that the winter months between November and February can be bitterly cold. Between May and September, the flowers in the city's parks blossom and people come out to use the open spaces for picnics, relaxation or get-togethers with friends. This is the best period to visit.

Car rental in Mont Joli Airport

There is only one car rental company operating in Mont Joli Airport but vehicle drop-offs via other companies with depots in the city are possible. Compare car hire prices as you shop around for the best deal. Car rental in Mont Joli Airport enables visitors to reach places such as Montreal, Nova Scotia and Quebec City easily, with well-maintained highways linking these destinations.