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Car hire Port Hardy Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Canada, including the following location: Port Hardy Airport

Location information for Port Hardy Airport

Only one scheduled flight route is served at Port Hardy Airport. This single route to nearby Vancouver is run by Pacific Coastal Airlines using a small aircraft. Indeed, the airport does not have the capacity to service more than 15 passengers at one time. The airport is located five miles southeast of Port Hardy, which is easily access along Highway 19.

Port Hardy Airport facilities

Port Hardy Airport has few facilities beyond a parking area and basic medical amenities. The parking area is sufficient and situated close to the small terminal building. The medical facilities are adequate to cater to patients waiting to be transferred to one of Vancouver's hospitals. Car rental in Port Hardy Airport is only possible with an advance booking as there are no providers on site.

Port Hardy Airport excursions

Visitors who travel to Port Hardy's downtown area will find an array of art galleries and museums, with Port Hardy Museum being the most popular attraction. Located on a bay, this British Columbia town offers visitors opportunities to go fishing or sailing, and even to spot humpback whales in season, and is a good jumping-off point for visiting the island’s other tourism spots.

Best time to visit

The summer months (May to September) are ideal times to visit Port Hardy. With the sun out, the atmosphere around the town is livelier, and there are festivals such as the Filomi Days Parade to enjoy. Also during this time, there are more opportunities to camp, fish or sail around the area than during the cool winter months (November to February)

Car rental in Port Hardy Airport

Although car hire in Port Hardy Airport isn’t available on site, car rental companies can arrange for a car to be dropped off at the airport for passengers to pick up on their arrival. It is a good idea to compare car hire online to see who offers the best deal. Driving around Port Hardy is easy as the roads are quiet and Highway 19 offers easy access to other destinations on Vancouver Island.