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Car hire Prince Rupert Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Canada, including the following location: Prince Rupert Airport

Location information for Prince Rupert Airport

There are two airlines operating at Prince Rupert Airport: Air Canada and Hawkair. These airlines service regular flights to Vancouver while seaplane flights to Sandspit, on the coast of British Columbia, are also available. Scheduled flights take place between Friday and Sunday. The airport is located six miles west of the port city of Prince Rupert.

Prince Rupert Airport facilities

There are few facilities at Prince Rupert Airport. The airport runs a pick-up service which collects passengers in downtown Prince Rupert. Most travelers spend little time in the terminal. Car hire in Prince Rupert Airport is not available on site but vehicles can be booked through local providers online in advance.

Prince Rupert Airport excursions

Prince Rupert is located quite far north in British Columbia, where it is common to see animals such as bears and eagles. There are a few grizzly bear sanctuaries in the area where visitors can witness these huge creatures. It is also possible to visit the Pacific Ocean shoreline to watch hump-back whales throughout the year.

Best time to visit

The problem with visiting Prince Rupert outside of the summer (May to September) is the amount of rain. Despite winters being fairly mild, snowfall is common. Unless you wish to take part in winter sports, the high season months of July and August offer the best conditions for touring the area.

Car rental in Prince Rupert Airport

Car rental in Prince Rupert Airport is only possible if arranged in advance. Local rental companies are able to drop off a rental car at the airport. Compare car hire online to see which providers offer such a service. Driving around Prince Rupert is simple due to the lack of cars on the road. Winter road trips should be planned carefully due to the possibility of hazardous weather.