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Car hire Sandspit Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Canada, including the following location: Sandspit Airport

Location information for Sandspit Airport

Sandspit Airport is a small airport located just outside of Sandspit, in British Columbia. The airport has only one scheduled daily flight, which operates all year round, while all other flights operate seasonally. Air Canada is the only airline which operates at the airport all year round, running a daily flight to Vancouver.

Sandspit Airport facilities

The terminal building has plenty of amenities for an airport of Sandspit's size. There is a small parking area which never gets full and a restaurant inside the terminal which serves hot and cold snack. The airport also has accommodation for those who need to catch an early flight, while car hire in Sandspit Airport is available.

Sandspit Airport excursions

Sandspit Airport sits just outside the city of Sandspit, on Moresby Island. The island is popular for its hiking and camping opportunities since there are a few mountains to climb which offer panoramic views of the island. There are also some lakes on the island where visitors can go fishing.

Best time to visit

The winter (November to February) can be very cold in Sandspit. The weather brightens up in the summer (May to September), which is the best time to visit. The sea is tempestuous in the winter and gale force winds regularly strike the island, rendering going outside dangerous, thus frustrating any travel itinerary.

Car rental in Sandspit Airport

Car rental in Sandspit Airport is available through leading providers. The best way to snag the cheapest deal is to compare car hire prices online and make a reservation before arriving on the island. The island is simple to drive around, with traffic congestion practically unheard of.