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Car hire Toronto Union Station compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Canada, including the following location: Toronto Union Station

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Location information for Toronto Union Station

Union Station is an inter-city commercial hub that is serving over 200,000 passengers each day. This rail station is considered as one of the busiest passenger transportation amenities in Canada. Union Station is located on Front Street West and stretches through the south side of Bay Street and the central part of York Street. The Union Station is a 750 foot long hall that was classically designed with opulence in architecture and sheer simplicity. Experience Italian architecture at it’s finest; Union Station is truly one of the most important commercial rail hubs in Canada.

Union Station is equipped with high-standard facilities to make sure that your trip will be safe and comfortable. You can eat in fast-food joints and restaurants while waiting for your ride. Union Station also offers various customer services like information booths, banking, car hire at the Union Station and parking. Since Union Station is connected to main roads and freeways, it is easy to transfer from the station to the city proper. Cheap car hire services are also available at the Union Station. Cheap car hire in Union Station are just at the heart of the station. Have a hassle-free vacation and travel to Union Station whenever you come and visit Toronto!