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Car hire Concepción Airport

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Location information for Concepción Airport

Carriel Sur International Airport is the principal point of entry for the city of Concepcion, in central Chile. The airport is one of Chile’s busiest and has frequent flights from Santiago, offered by carriers LAN and Sky. The facility is located three kilometres from the city centre. Car hire in Concepcion Airport is a comfortable choice for onward transport.

Concepcion Airport facilities

Concepcion Airport boasts an ultra-modern passenger terminal which has a café, a restaurant, sales and duty-free outlets, a VIP lounge and cash machines. The upper floor restaurant is an ambient location with runway views. A spacious car park abuts the terminal. Local and international vehicle suppliers alike provide car rental in Concepcion Airport.

Concepcion Airport excursions

In Concepcion, the Hualpen, the Galerias shopping arcades, eclectic wining and dining venues, and the university’s colourful gardens are among the draws. In nearby Talcahuano, the Huascar is a 200-year-old captured warship moored at the city port. Car hire in Concepcion Airport is the easiest way to reach the heritage mine and museum at Lota and the Chivilingo electric museum

Best time to visit

Concepcion’s climate is mild, without temperature extremes. Between May and October, the average temperature is around 10°C; this is also the time of year that the city gets most of its annual rainfall. From November to April, it rains but rarely and temperatures can climb to 30°C, making it a pleasant, yet sometimes hot, time to visit.

Car rental in Concepcion Airport

The regions around Concepcion Airport are highly populated and as a result, they see lots of traffic jams. Car rental in Concepcion Airport is most useful for reaching inland rural locations or coastal beaches including Lirquen. Compare car hire to get discounted rates before arrival at Concepcion Airport.