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Car hire Iquique Airport

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Location information for Iquique Airport

Diego Aracena Airport is the gateway for the Chilean coastal city of Iquique and the Tarapaca region. It receives flights from several cities, including Santiago and Antofagasta, with services operated by LAN Airlines and Sky Airline. The airport is situated 40kms from Iquique. The most comfortable method of onward travel is car hire in Diego Aracena Airport.

Diego Aracena Airport facilities

Diego Aracena Airport is Chile’s third-busiest airport and handles around 700,000 passengers every year. The terminal building is divided into domestic and international concourses. The latter handles flight arrivals from Bolivia. Car rental in Diego Aracena Airport is provided on site by major international and local suppliers.

Diego Aracena Airport excursions

Route 1 is the direct road along the Pacific Ocean shore from the airport to Iquique. There are lots of beaches and accommodation options en route. Car hire in Diego Aracena Airport gives drivers the freedom to stop at will. Pampa del Tamarugal Reserve is situated 70kms inland and features forests amid desert landscapes and rare geoglyph rocks.

Best time to visit

The Tarapaca region has a desert-like climate with little rain. The winter period stretches from May to October, when daytime temperatures average at 14°C. November to April, summer, sees temperatures reach up to 29°C, but they usually hover around 23°C. The summer months are best for enjoying water sports such as swimming and surfing.

Car rental in Diego Aracena Airport

Driving to Iquique or Pampa del Tamarugal is easy as main roads in the region are paved and in fair condition, unlike some routes to out-of-the-way places. Car rental in Diego Aracena Airport is best suited to journeys out of Iquique, as city centre traffic can be bad. Compare car hire online for optimum rates.