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Car hire La Serena Airport

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Location information for La Serena Airport

La Florida Airport, located on central Chile’s coast, is the gateway to La Serena’s fabulous beaches and the pilgrimage city of Coquimbo. Two airlines, LAN Express and Sky, fly here from Santiago, Antofagasta and other Chilean locations. The airport is situated 10kms inland from the Pacific. Car hire in La Florida Airport is the most convenient transport choice.

La Florida Airport facilities

The airport only has a tiny terminal which houses a café, washrooms and public telephones. On site car rental in La Florida Airport is available. The runway at La Florida Airport is unusual in the fact that it runs in an east-west direction. Due to Chile’s elongated shape, all other runways are north to south.

La Florida Airport excursions

The principal attraction of La Serena is beaches such as La Barca along Avenida Del Mar. These beaches draw surfers, while Coquimbo is 10kms south with car hire in La Florida Airport and offers calmer seas. Fray Jorge National Park’s cloud forests are farther south. Valle de Elqui wineries and pisco brandy producing areas are inland.

Best time to visit

The La Serena region has a cool, dry climate. Winter stretches from May to October, when temperatures range from about 6°C to 12°C. Most of the area’s rainfall occurs between June and August. The summer months between November and March, when temperatures reach highs of about 20°C, are the best times to visit, even though mornings are often cloudy.

Car rental in La Florida Airport

Routes in the locality of La Florida Airport are not busy, but in the cities there are traffic jams. This makes car rental in La Florida Airport best suited to excursions. Leading rental companies provide vehicles here. Simply compare car hire online to obtain the best rates.