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Car hire Abidjan Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Côte d'Ivoire, including the following location: Abidjan Airport

Location information for Abidjan Airport

Félix Houphouët-Boigny International Airport, also known as Port Bouet Airport, serves the capital of the African state of Cote d’Ivoire. A hub for Air Ivoire, South African Airlines, Air France, Brussels Air, Emirates and a number of African and Middle Eastern carriers, the airport has an annual passenger throughput of around two million. The complex is located 16kms from downtown Abidjan, with car hire the most convenient form of transport to the city via the A100 road.

Abidjan Airport facilities

Long and short-stay car parks are provided adjacent to both the domestic and international terminals, which are located within an easy walk of each other. Passenger services within the terminals include a bank offering currency exchange, an ATM, a post office, mobile phone rental, internet access, a restaurant, a bar and a brasserie, duty free and shops, a hotel booking service and car hire in Abidjan Airport.

Abidjan Airport excursions

Abidjan city centre is a half-hour drive away on good roads with car rental in Abidjan Airport. The picturesque lost glories of the city, once known as the ‘Paris of West Africa’, are most evident in the famous Hotel Ivoire, a frozen-in-time, 1960s memorial to its French colonial masters. For relaxation and a swim, Bassam Beach is the city’s number one stretch of sand, and the local zoo has a variety of species in a pretty setting.

Best time to visit

Year-round 80 per cent-plus humidity and varying quantities of rain characterise the weather here, classified as tropical monsoon. The rainy season runs from May to July, returning in September through November, with even the dry seasons in between seeing regular showers. The ambient temperature stays constant at around 27?C, making year-round visits worthwhile, although many visitors from northern climes avoid the worst of the rains, opting for the steady heat of the drier seasons.

Car rental in Abidjan Airport

Roads to and in the sprawling city vary between good and reasonable, as do local driving habits, especially outside town. In town are a large number of official and unofficial police checkpoints, causing delays and often involving a small ‘donation’. It’s wise to keep small change handy. Compare car hire rates online before arrival to be sure of the best deal.