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Car hire Nicosia

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Car hire Nicosia
Car hire Nicosia

As of today, we still cannot completely say that the tourist flock has entered the capital of Cyprus. If you look at it, compared to its coastal area, Cyprus’ capital is actually less visited and less popular – but if you just explore it and savor its own identity, you will see that Nicosia (yep, that’s the name of the capital) is more than you expect of it.

What’s interesting about Nicosia is the fact that this landlocked area is currently the only city in the world left that is divided. Nicosia is divided into two entirely separate regions which are even barely communicating with each other. Another interesting fact is that locals can’t cross this border! Though most foreign tourists (take note, “MOST”) are allowed to travel from South Nicosia to North Nicosia, they are required to be back by 5pm in Cyprus (South Nicosia, North is occupied by Turks). Interesting, right? Now, tourists in Nicosia, though quite held back by these barriers, still choose to travel using car hire. That is because Nicosia Downtown cheap car hire is very easy to find – these car hires are very affordable and are of great quality. Some Nicosia Downtown car hire companies are Alamo and Economy.