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Car hire Djibouti International Airport

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Location information for Djibouti International Airport

The Republic of Djibouti’s capital city, Djibouti, is served by Djibouti International Airport, a joint French-American military and civil facility handling over 180,000 passengers annually. Eleven carriers host routes here, with Air France the best-known, and destinations range from other African and Arab countries to Paris, Jeddah and Dubai. Domestic flights within the country are also supported.

Djibouti Airport facilities

Passenger facilities at the airport include all the necessary amenities for international travel such as internet access, duty-free outlets and ATMs, with several eateries and coffee shops for instant refreshment. Car hire in Djibouti International Airport is offered by a number of well-known international providers and is easy to arrange.

Djibouti Airport excursions

Set on a peninsula in the Gulf of Tadjoura, Djibouti features beaches, a large harbour, the Presidential Palace, the Hamoudi Mosque and a good number of exotic, historic buildings as well as its huge Central Market. Culture shock comes as standard for those not used to Africa, but the city, best explored via car rental in Djibouti International Airport, gives a fascinating experience.

Best time to visit

Very dry with only 131mm of rainfall annually, hot and very hot, accurately describes Djibouti’s arid climate. In July, the hottest month, daytime temperatures can exceed 49?C, making December, January and February the best times to visit. Even during these months, those not used to strong sun should cover up and drink lots of bottled water.

Car rental in Djibouti Airport

Apart from air conditioning, state-of-the-art brakes and a loud horn are essential for driving in Djibouti city and its surroundings. With no discernable driving laws, the city offers an adventure for self-drive visitors, with driving outside the city limits at night not recommended. Roads outside the city are invariably in poor condition, requiring a four-wheel drive for safe travel. Compare car hire charges for suitable vehicles online before you arrive to get the cheapest deal.