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Car hire San Salvador Airport

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Location information for San Salvador Airport

Ilopango International Airport is a military airport, although many private and charter aircraft utilise it to avoid the crowds of the city’s larger San Salvador International Airport. It can be found five miles east of El Salvador’s capital city, with car rental in San Salvador Airport the most convenient way of reaching the city centre from the airport.

San Salvador Airport facilities

The National Aviation Museum (Museo Nacional de Aviación) is housed at the airport, which hosts the annual Ilopango Air Show (January). Car hire in San Salvador Airport is on offer through some of the globe’s most famous car hire agents. It is best to compare car hire options online prior to arrival to ensure availability.

San Salvador Airport excursions

The Bulevar del Ejercito Nacional road links the airport to the city centre, making arriving with car rental in San Salvador Airport straightforward. The city is filled with landmarks such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace and La Plaza Gerardo Barrios, and self-driving is a great way to visit these as well as numerous other sites.

Best time to visit

It is hot in San Salvador year round, although March and April are the hottest months. July, August and September are the wettest months and are best avoided, but are ideal times to visit for those wanting to avoid the crowds. December to February are the coolest months and great times to visit.

Car rental in San Salvador Airport

The roads in and around the city are known to be among the best in Latin America, making touring with car hire in San Salvador Airport convenient. However, visitors are advised to drive defensively. The city is large and attractions are spread out so self-driving is an ideal way to get around.