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Car hire Annemasse Station

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Location information for Annemasse Station

The Annemasse Rail Station or Gare d’Annemasse is located at Place de la Gare, near the St. Andre church in Annemasse. The station connects the city of Annemasse to several locations in the Swiss – French Border, making it an ideal base for travel around the city. Around the station are numerous options for accommodation, where visitors could lodge and plan the rest of their trip around Annemasse. Cheap car hire at Annemasse Rail Station is also available for a more convenient means of transport around the city.

With car hire at Annemasse Rail Station, visitors could easily reach several parks and gardens that surround the area, including the Eugene Park Master, the Iris Garden, and the Square Dom Bellot. Park La Fantasia on the other hand, is a small serene park known for its peaceful setting, while the Park Caludius Montessuit in the downtown area contains acres of flower beds and gardens, as well as a rustic pond. The park also hosts the Villa Park, the city’s artistic center.

A car rental at Annemasse Rail Station would also take visitors to an interesting site known as the House of Saleve, a piece of contemporary architecture laden amid a beautiful farm. A great deal of culture and nature can be experienced at the Saleve House.

Several interesting events regularly take place in the various open spaces of the city, including the Theaters Greenery, held every Friday at the Par de la Fantasia, different kinds of performances are showcased in the event, ranging from music to theatre performances.

Also of note are the different architectural masterpieces in the city, including the famous St. Andre, and the Castle Red or Chateau Rouge.