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Belfort is the capital town of Territoire de Belfort in France. It is located in a very strategic position, on the natural route in the middle of Rhine and Rhone (Belfort Gap). The town is a very lively destination, and is well known for its numerous festivities held throughout the year. Belfort is at a site where two ranges of mountain meet, giving the town a very exceptional backdrop. The town also highlights its citadel, as well as its natural surroundings. Getting around the area is much easier with cheap car hire at Belfort.

With car hire at Belfort, visitors could conveniently reach the town's most prominent landmark that is the Belfort Lion (also known as the Bartholdi Lion), which is also the town's emblem. This particular sculpture was crafted by Frederic Bartholdi, the same sculptor who built New York's Statue of Liberty. The sculpture was created as an expression of the people's resistance to siege the Franco Prussian War.

Also worth visiting on car rental at Belfort is the Belfort Cathedral, an 18th century church, considered as a national monument. Inside the church is yet another national monument in the form of an organ, built y Joseph Valtrin.

Also of note is the town's citadel, offering a great mix of culture and history, and showing the town's rich heritage. The citadel contains a wealth of museums ranging from historical, artistic, archaeological, and military, among others.

South of the town is the regional national park known as the Ballon des Vosges, which contains the magnificent Ballon d'Alsace (also a classified national site).