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Car hire Blaye

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Location information for Blaye

Blaye itself is not a tourist destination but because of its proximity to other notable travel spots in Gironde, France, it makes for a suitable travel base. By arranging a car hire in Blaye, visitors will be able to get around the town and then venture out to other notable destinations in the department and the rest of the Aquitaine region.

Within the town, visitors will find that Blaye has its fair share of tourist attractions that contribute to its old town charm. Travellers usually visit such landmarks as the citadel by the river as well as the ruins of an old Gothic chateau. The chateau also features the tome of Charbert II, king of Aquitaine. The citadel along with the walls: Fort Medoc and Fort Paté are currently UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Also accessible using a cheap car hire in Blaye is the small river port where tourists can observe the laid-back and comfortable atmosphere of the town. There are also small eateries and restaurants in the area where they can sample local and regional specialties.

From there, visitors can also venture down south to the city of Bordeaux with their car rental in Blaye. The capital city of the department is well known for its fine wines and a metropolitan area that offers a wide range of attractions including museums, art galleries and historic sites. Further out, visitors can also drive up to the Medoc Region where the best wines are produced. To the west of the city is the seaside town of Arcachon which is highly known for its oysters.