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Chambery is a lovely town that is nestled in France's Rhone-Alpes region where Savoie originated. Historical accounts can testify that the town has been both French and Italian as it lies along the valley of the Alps and nestled by the mountain ranges of Chartreuse and Bauges.

Chambery is a good place to be if you are considering a visit to the French Alps or to enjoy recreational activities like snowshoeing, rock climbing, sailing, and skiing. To complement such purposes for a visit to this charming town, consider booking for car hire in Chambery so you can rely on your own mode of transportation.

In terms of size, the town is rather compact and can easily be explored by walking, particularly in the well-preserved medieval old town. However, if you wish to go to the mountains or tour the wine-making towns, book for cheap car hire in Chambery so you can enjoy those trips.

Chambery is in north of Grenoble at around 55 kilometres, and having a car lets you go on a day trip to the city and get there in less than an hour via the A41 or a little over an hour via the D1006. The town also serves as an ideal base if you wish to visit the Parcs des Bauges to explore the wildlife and Alpine landscapes.

Car rental in Chambery also complements trips to Aix-Les-Bains, an elegant spa resort located about 13 kilometres north of the town. You can drive there via the A41, the D991, or the N201 and the D1201 so you can get there in less than 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can head to the medieval town of Annecy and get there in a 38-minute drive from Chambery.