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Dreux is a French commune in Eure et Loir, Central France. The rich history of the town left its generations a wealth of remarkable heritage sites and monuments, contained in a very scenic environment. The town boasts of a great mix of traditions, culture, heritage and nature, within its lands. The town is also sought after by tourists looking for recreational escapes, as it offers great opportunities for adventure seekers. The town can be best experienced through cheap car hire at Dreux.

With car hire at Dreux, visitors could easily reach some of the town’s best religious attractions, one of which is the Chapelle Royale Saint Louis, an incredible chapel built during the early 1800s by the Duchess of Orleans. The site is famous for its magnificent stained glass, as well as the necropolis of the descendants of King Louis-Philippe, son of the Duchess of Orleans.

Also of note is the Saint Pierre Church, a Gothic style construction built during the 13th century. The church boasts of beautiful towers and an unrivaled stained glass as well as its interior furniture and its polychrome organ.

A car rental at Dreux would also take visitors to the Belfry, an emblem of liberty in the town, built during the early 1500s. The Belfry is now home to several tourist attractions, including a museum, a library, and as well as the Town Hall.

Outside dreux, are small pleasant towns which visitors could also explore. Among the most interesting sites nearby the town is the Chateay d’Anet, a beautiful Renaissance castle with a quaint chapel called Diane de Poiters.