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Car hire Moriani

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Location information for Moriani

The Moriani coastline refers to a region on the French island of Corsica. It incorporates a number of small villages and towns that are relatively unspoilt by the major tourism industry. On the east coast of the island you can see beautiful sunrises in the morning and the sun sets over the mountainous backdrop.

The major attractions in this area of Corsica are the well preserved villages that are best explored with a car rental in Moriani. With a car hire, you can discover some wonderful ancient architecture that dates back hundreds of years and see what the real Corsica is like.

The great coastline can have you wondering where you are, as it changes dramatically from white, sandy beaches with easy waters for swimming to coral reefs and rock pools that make ideal snorkeling conditions. Cheap car hire in Moriani can take you up into the mountains that back the coastline and offer breathtaking views over the bays.

Most of the coastline is unspoilt by large hotels and resorts but you can still find plenty of activities to do in the evening from dining out over the gentle waves in some fabulous restaurants serving authentic food, to visiting one of the nearby towns and mingling with the locals who are most welcoming to tourists.

If you are looking for a little more action day or night, you can head into one of the many tourist resorts around the island by car hire in Moriani. Bastia to the north is the closest and here you will find a number of old buildings and a busier nightlife with bars and clubs catering for the tourist crowd.