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Location information for Nemours

Located on the banks of the Loing River, sits the town of Nemours, home to the du Pont de Nemours family who established themselves during the 19th and 20th centuries as one of America's prosperous business dynasties. Coupled with the archaeological discovery of Gallo-Roman evidence in this town, Nemours has a long and interesting history.

Sixty miles south or 97kms from Paris, a car hire in Nemours can be a unique way to explore the town and the Île-de-France or ‘Island of France’ region. Within this region is the French department of Seine-et-Marne, and with the namesake Seine and Marne Rivers in the vicinity, it is easy to understand why much of this area is used for farmland.

Le château de Nemours or the Castle of Nemours is easily the standout landmark of the city. The first stones are believed to be laid around 1120 and now this feudal castle is a museum and houses collections of pottery. In Nemours you’ll also find a statue of Étienne Bézout a mathematician who in 1779 published innovative and important works on the theory of elimination.

Take advantage of a cheap car hire in Nemours, and get out and explore the region. The Seine-et-Marne has 77 castles including Nemours. They can be found in the following cities of Blandy-les-Tours, Brie-Comte-Robert, Diant, la Grange-Bléneau, du Houssoy, Moret, Montaiguillon, Nangis, Nantouillet, la Reine Blanche and Sigy.

Or you might want to follow the Loing River and experience unrestricted travel and spontaneity and see where a car rental in Nemours takes you.