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Car hire Neufchatel En Bray

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Location information for Neufchatel En Bray

Since the 16th century, the town of Neufchatel En Bray has been producing its now famous heart-shaped cheeses. It is a lovely place located in the Haute-Normandie region of northern France. Enjoy the lush countryside, abundant agriculture and all it has to offer by car hire in Neufchatel En Bray.

It’s challenging to pinpoint what exactly Neufchatel En Bray’s main attraction is as the amazing countryside can be seen from anywhere in town. But architecturally speaking the 13th century church of Notre Dame could be it with its flamboyant over-the-top 15th century Gothic porch.

But don’t miss the 16th century Renaissance style Chateau de Mesnieres-en-Bray. It has since then been transformed into a college but a guided tour which takes you through some fascinating rooms, notable ones include stag trophies, drum motifs and hand-painted maps. It is definitely worth the visit.

Then for exhibits on authentic living during the 16th century visit Musee J-B Mathon-A.Durand. You’ll learn how to make cider and the popular Neufchatel cheese. Boasting Normandy’s oldest cheese, Neufchatel cheese is still produced from local farms and is known for its chalky rinds and creamy texture. A comprehensive list of the local cheese farms can be found by visiting the tourist office and then best explored by a cheap car hire in Neufchatel En Bray.

At night head out of town to neighbouring Forges Les Eaux for some international cuisine and gambling at the casino. Or you might want to go east to Dieppe but don’t forget the shopping areas of Forges and Buchy too. With a car rental in Neufchatel En Bray the pictorial town farming villages of the northern coast of France await you.