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Car hire Propriano

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Location information for Propriano

Propriano is a port town on the French island of Corsica, which is surrounded by some of the Mediterranean’s most captivating scenery. With car hire in Propriano, tourists can navigate the Valinco Gulf and other towns on the island.

In order to reach Propriano, tourists have a couple of options. If flying, they can land at Ajaccio Airport then drive south to this area, while it is possible to catch a ferry here from places such as Marseille in France. Regardless of how they get here however, cheap car hire in Propriano is available to all who wish to arrange it.

Near to Propriano, tourists can admire breathtaking scenery as they make their way to various different beaches dotted around the coast. In town, you can admire the Casa Serena, which is one of Corsica’s greatest landmarks constructed hundreds of years ago, while the main city on the island Ajaccio provides museums and galleries for you to enjoy if you fancy heading up the road.

On an evening in Propriano, tourists can find plenty of places to eat and drink along Avenue Napoleon, while if you can arrange transport back to your accommodation, there are plenty of other towns dotted the locale.

With car rental in Propriano, you can navigate the port town of Propriano in its entirety while being able to drive through the Corsican countryside to the other destinations such as Ajaccio and Porto-Vecchio. While in this part of the world, you can take this opportunity to visit the Italian owned island of Sardinia.