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Car hire Dieppe Station

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  4. Dieppe Train Station compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in France, including the following location: Dieppe Station

Location information for Dieppe Station

Dieppe can be found near Paris, France. This is the nearest beach you can find in Paris, with lively crowds and a sunny atmosphere; you can’t go wrong with this place. It’s not at all just pure beaches here, you can enjoy quite a bit of other things as well while you’re here. You can choose to visit ESTRAN Cité de la Mer which is basically a marine museum dedicated in preserving their fishing culture, geography and some history as well. Château-Musée de Dieppe is also a nice place to visit if you love castles that are still well preserved for some time. Another great place to visit is the Saturday market. You can find almost anything in this busy place may it be fashion items to food and wine. If you’re looking for traditional French cuisine, you can find them here. You can choose from Comptoir à Huîtres, La Marmite Dieppoise, Le Grand Duquesne, Le Bistrot du Pollet and Les Voiles d'Or and some others as well. You are sure to find that perfect restaurant for you especially if you love seafood. Dieppe also has a good number of bars and pubs. One of the most popular cafes in Dieppe would be The café des Tribunaux which is one of the oldest cafes around. Dieppe is a small town, but you still would be better off with a cheap car hire from the Dieppe Rail Station. With a cheap car hire from Dieppe Rail Station, you won’t experience the hassle of waiting for public transportation or walking from place to place. A cheap car hire in Dieppe will surely make things easier for you.