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Car hire Fontainebleau Station

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Location information for Fontainebleau Station

Gare de Fontainebleau – Avon is the rail station serving the French communes of Avon and Fontainebleau, in Seine et Marne, Ile de France. The station serves as a major access point to Avon and Fontainebleau, with connections to prime locations such as Paris, Melun, as well as Marseilles and Laroche. The station is also a good base for travel around the two communes, bringing visitors close to the bustling attractions in the area. Cheap car hire at Fontainebleau Rail Station is also available for a more convenient means of navigation around the town.

A car hire at Fontainebleau Rail Station would take visitors to the Fontainebleau’s most interesting tourist spots, including the Royal Chateau, a centuries old castle that has seen most of the history of the town. The castle is also famous for its wide collections of architectural marvels, some fascinating paintings, and decors as well as precious ancient objects that have been preserved through time.

A car rental at Fontainebleau Rail Station would also take visitors to the Museum of Arts and History, a captivating museum with a large portion dedicated to the Napoleonic wars, as well as a section for numerous artworks, and other important artifacts.

The town is also home to the Fontainebleau Forest, a large piece of nature that surrounds Fontainebleau, as well as the surrounding villages. The Forest is a good place for nature tripping, bouldering and strolling amid the wealth of diverse flora and fauna.

Visitors could also take time for a side trip to the nearby Avon, where several other worthwhile distractions await, including the Park of Bel Ebat, La Maison dans la Vallee (the House in the Valley), as well as the Pavilion of the Maple Tree.