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Car hire Gien Train Station

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Location information for Gien Train Station

Regular rail services arrive and depart Gien Rail Station from Paris and Orleans, as well as from destinations from the south. Getting to this pretty little town by train is more favourable than travelling by bus and when you arrive there is cheap car hire at Gien Rail Station.

Gien itself is 130kms or so due south of Paris, about 80kms southeast of Orleans, and sits in a fairly flat region of the central French countryside. The Loire River runs through it and makes for some nice drives with car rental in Gien Rail Station for those who fancy exploring.

To the outside world, Gien is not high profile, although it does churn out some top quality china and there is a factory and museum dedicated to the process. You can tour the Gien Ceramics Museum (Musee de la Faïencerie) and see what is being made.

The town was bombed during WWII by German planes, although much of it has been faithfully restored, including the monumental chateau - which is now a museum, the International Museum of Hunting. The 15th century museum has many fascinating exhibits of hunting and you can see it with car hire in Gien Rail Station.

There are also some other sights worth checking out in and around town, plus tourists should think about spending more time admiring the countryside. Orleans is only around an hour to the northwest with car rental in Gien Rail Station, while Bourges is south, Tours west and Dijon east.