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Car hire Raiatea Island Airport

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Location information for Raiatea Island Airport

Raiatea Island is the second-largest island in the French Polynesian Society Islands chain, with its main village, Uturoa, set in the north of the island. One small road runs around the entire landmass, taking in its small airport, which is located just outside of Uturoa. The facility hosts Air Tahiti, which provides domestic flights to Tahiti and other islands in the chain.

Raiatea Island Airport facilities

Car hire in Raiatea Island – Airport is the practical option for visitors planning to tour the remoter regions of the island, as ground transportation here is basic at best. The airport’s tiny terminal provides minimal facilities, such as seating, a coffee shop and souvenir stands, with parking available on request.

Raiatea Island Airport excursions

Fewer tourists visit Raiatea Island than most of the other islands in the archipelago, meaning its remote, volcanic beauty and black-sand beaches can be enjoyed in comparative peace. The village of Uturoa has a few hotels and restaurants, several pretty parks and a large harbour used by local fishing boats as well as container vessels. The ancient Polynesian site of Taputapuatea Marae is easily reached with car rental in Raiatea Island – Airport.

Best time to visit

Tempered by trade winds, the tropical monsoon climate of the islands is never too cold or too hot, although it’s very wet in the long monsoon season from October through July. The two short months of the dry season also see rain, which is at its heaviest in December and January. Occasional tropical storms hit the island but they usually cause minimum disruption.

Car rental in Raiatea Island Airport

The best way to see the cradle of Polynesian civilisation and the island’s lovely lagoon is to self-drive. Taking into consideration the single good road and the unpaved tracks, driving here is a variable experience. Care should be taken if driving in the wet season as the tracks can flood. Tourists planning to visit the island can compare car hire rates online in advance, thus ensuring the best deal.