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Car hire Port Gentil Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Gabon, including the following location: Port Gentil Airport

Location information for Port Gentil Airport

The large city of Port Gentil lies on the coast of Gabon and is the centre of the region’s timber and petroleum industries as well as a leading African seaport. Set on an island in the Ogooue river delta, it isn’t connected to the mainland by road bridge. Port Gentil Airport serves regional and domestic flights including services to Pointe-Noire and Libreville, with no international destinations served.

Port Gentil Airport facilities

Port Gentil Airport deals mainly with oil company charters which take workers to offshore destinations as well as with flights to Gabon’s capital, Libreville. Passenger facilities are sparse, although car rental in Port Gentil Airport is available on request and is the best and safest way to travel within the city.

Port Gentil Airport excursions

A section of the city is becoming known for its nightlife and hotels, with visitors able to enjoy a casino, a golf course, several beaches and a small zoo. There are few historic attractions here, with most of the development having taken place in the last century. Car hire in Port Gentile Airport makes up for the sparse local transport network and can be used to visit the local swamps, which are inhabited by variety of wildlife.

Best time to visit

The country of Gabon is set right on the equator, with the majority of the land covered with tropical rainforest. The climate is equatorial; very hot and humid year-round in the coastal areas, such as Port Gentil, and its surroundings. To the east is savannah; drier and very remote, with coastal forests and mangrove swamps contributing to the humidity. May to September offers the most comfortable weather for sightseeing.

Car rental in Port Gentil Airport

Roads in Port Gentil come in various stages of repair, with the touristy sector getting the best attention from the local administration. Driving here is something of an adventure, although there’s no distance to cover as the island isn’t connected by road to the rest of the country. Compare car hire costs online before arrival to get the best prices.