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Car hire Kalamata Airport

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Location information for Kalamata Airport

The Kalamata Airport is the main airport in Kalamata City, Greece that provides domestic chartered flights all over Greece as well as international flights to other countries. It has been providing air services since 1959, and due to the influx of tourists into the area, it was given an upgrade in 1991 to provide for the needs of the increased numbers of travelers annually. Inside the airport, you will find a cafeteria where tourists can have some quick bite before they head to the city. Likewise, there are also shops that sell quaint souvenir items.

There are a lot of tourist destinations here that can be best visited by driving your own car, and the best way for you to hire a car is to go online. You can state the area where you will pick the car up and then the drop off area, too. But if you specify a car hire at the Kalamata Airport, then you are assured of a reliable transportation out of the airport and to your accommodation. When booking online though, make sure that you choose a cheap car hire, so compare the prices of the different car hires at the Kalamata Airport before booking one.