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Car hire Patras City Office

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Location information for Patras City Office

Araxos Airport may be named after its tiny Greek village location, but the final destination for most of its passengers is the far larger nearby city of Patras. This airport lies under half a mile from the village of Araxos and 30 miles from Patras with car hire in Araxos Airport. Araxos Air Force base shares space with this airport, which is also known as Agamemnon Airport.

Araxos Airport facilities

This airport supplies Transaero Airlines flights to Moscow, Jetairfly flights to Brussels and TUIfl flights to five German cities. All of these flights are seasonal or charter. A café bar provides drinks and snacks, while Hertz and Avis provide chances to compare car hire. A police station, a duty-free shop, three travel agencies and an information desk where lost property can be returned are on site.

Araxos Airport excursions

Driving car rental in Araxos Airport from the village to Patras will take visitors past the Pappa Lagoon and the breathtaking Mavro Oro mountain range. Private vehicles are the most practical means of transportation throughout Patras, a city whose slow bus service lacks a set schedule. Popular Patras summer activities include watching live entertainment at an ancient Roman odeon and strolling along the beach promenade.

Best time to visit

Patras, like the rest of Greece, boasts a comfortable Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers between June to September and wet and mild winters from December to February. Autumn and spring are both pleasantly warm, but cooler than summer, but autumn tends to be wetter than spring. The port of Patras tends to be cooler than the city centre thanks to the light sea breezes.

Car rental in Araxos Airport

Traffic jams in Patras have been greatly reduced since a new 12-mile ring road opened around the city in 2002. A smaller ring road is currently under construction in the city centre, while two large highways are being built to link the Patras ring road bypass with Greece’s second-busiest port. Although Patras is a safe city, its roads can be tricky to navigate, making a car rental best suited to excursions outside of the city.