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Car hire Beirut International Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Lebanon, including the following location: Beirut International Airport

Location information for Beirut International Airport

Serving as the only airport gateway into Lebanon, Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport is located nine kilometres south of the city centre. It serves as the hub for the country’s national carrier, Middle East Airlines, as well as Wings of Lebanon and Med Airways. Flights to other regions of the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia are all scheduled from the airport.

Airport Facilities

The modern passenger terminal has two wings – the East Wing and the West Wing – with 23 gates. The wings are joined by the main terminal, which has four levels and features most of the duty-free shopping, restaurants and airline lounges. The ground level handles arrivals and is where you can arrange car rental in Beirut Airport, while departures and most of the shops are on the second floor.

Beirut Excursions

If you arrange car hire in Beirut Airport, you will have the added freedom of being able to explore the surrounding areas at your leisure. Around 20kms north of the city is Jeita Grotto, a compound of crystallised caves in the Valley of Nahr al-Kald, while the ancient Phoenician city of Byblos is roughly 30 minutes’ drive north.

Best time to visit

Those who can’t handle intense heat should avoid visiting between July and September, when temperatures average in the low 20s (°C) and there is very little rain. January and February are the coolest months, with evening temperatures dropping as low as 10°C, although daytime temperatures remain pleasant. March to May and October to December also experience pleasant conditions. The wettest months are between December and February.


Travellers planning to rent a vehicle at the airport are advised to compare car hire and make a booking in advance to save time upon arrival. In general, the roads are in poor condition and local drivers can drive aggressively on the highways. There are numerous pot holes in Beirut and mountainous roads are hazardous, meaning visiting drivers should exercise caution.