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Car hire Whangarei Airport

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Location information for Whangarei Airport

Serving New Zealand’s most northern city, Whangarei Airport is a modern airport that operates domestic flights to places all over the country. The airport sits on a peninsula on Whangarei Harbour, just over seven kilometres from Whangarei city centre. Getting to the city from the airport is best done with car hire in Whangarei Airport.

Whangarei Airport facilities

The airport offers car parking close to the terminal building as well as a drop-off area right in front of the Departures entrance. Inside the single-terminal airport, passengers will find a Departures lounge and a cafeteria. Car rental in Whangarei Airport is on offer through well-known car hire agents.

Whangarei Airport excursions

Onerahi Road joins the airport to the city centre, making transfer with car hire in Whangarei Airport a hassle-free way to arrive in Whangarei. Many travellers come here to hike through the nearby forests or swim at the local beaches in the summer. Mount Parihaka and Whangarei Falls are the most scenic sights close by, while Zion Wildlife Gardens is a favourite with families.

Best time to visit

Whangarei is New Zealand’s warmest city, with an average annual temperature of 15°C and an even amount of rainfall across the year. This makes it possible to visit at any time of the year, although most European tourists prefer to come in the hot summer months of January, February and March, when the temperature can sometimes rise to 30°C.

Car rental in Whangarei Airport

The roads in and surrounding the city are in great condition, although there is a great public transport system that makes it easy to get around populated areas. However, car hire in Whangarei Airport is required for getting out of the city and into its spectacular, remote surroundings. There are great deals to choose from so it is recommended to compare car hire beforehand on the internet.