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Car hire Bucharest Baneasa Airport

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Location information for Bucharest Baneasa Airport

As the capital and largest city of Romania, Bucharest is one of the busiest and liveliest places in Europe. With its luxurious boulevards lined with large green trees and its breathtaking architectural wonders, Bucharest is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the whole continent. Bucharest houses the world’s second largest building, which is the Parliament’s Palace. It is located in the center of Bucharest City, near the Union Plaza. If you go there, you can avail of the 45-minute tour which they offer and see the beautifully decorated interior of the palace. Then there’s the Old Center with its assortment of stores, banks, restaurants and its beautiful cobblestone streets. Then, there’s the Revolution Square which contains a monument that commemorates those who died in the Romanian Revolution of 1989. These aren’t the only places that you can visit in this city either. Indeed, Bucharest is so large that I highly doubt you can reach all the great tourist destinations if you don’t get a car hire in Bucharest Banaesa Airport first. With your own car, you can go sightseeing at your own pace and with your own schedule. You can make your itinerary based on what catches your interest. It’s the best way to get around in Bucharest.