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Car hire Yanbu Airport

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Location information for Yanbu Airport

Serving Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea port of Yanbu, Yanbu Airport is a hub for AlMasria Universal Airlines of Egypt while it is also served by Al Arabia, Flydubai, Gulf Air, Nile Air and Saudi Arabian Airlines. As it is just 15 miles from the centre, Yanbu Airport provides excellent access to this city of over 180,000 inhabitants. Car hire in Yanbu Airport, or Prince Abdul Mohsin Bin Abdul Aziz Airport, is the quickest way to complete the short drive from the airport to the city.

Yanbu Airport facilities

Yanbu Airport was upgraded to cater for international flights in 2009. It has air bridges that successfully link passenger lounges directly to aircraft – a first in Saudi Arabia. In total, there are three cafes – one of which is situated before passenger check-in while the other two are after security. Additionally, there are two small shopping areas as well as places to organise car rental in Yanbu Airport.

Yanbu Airport excursions

Heading south with car hire in Yanbu Airport will lead you to Yanbu town centre. The Red Sea port town’s most visited area is downtown, as most of the shopping centres and restaurants are located here. As Yanbu is located on the coast, its beaches are the main attraction that pulls tourists in.

Best time to visit

As it is a coastal city with a port, Yanbu is often visited for its beaches and activities such as scuba diving. The best time to head to Yanbu, and Saudi Arabia in general, is widely considered to be between November and May, as the summer can be unbearably hot for holidaymakers.

Car rental in Yanbu Airport

Driving round Yanbu can be challenging because of poor road conditions and narrow lanes, especially around the historic Old Town. But due to Yanbu’s prominence as a port city, it is well-connected to other locations of interest around Saudi Arabia. Car rental in Yanbu Airport is the best transport option for any trip out of Yanbu. You can compare car hire options on the internet before you arrive in Yanbu to narrow down the cheapest deal.