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Car hire Poprad–Tatry Airport

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Location information for Poprad–Tatry Airport

Serving Slovakia’s popular ski resort of Poprad, Poprad-Tatry Airport is used by Czech Airlines and EuroLOT, who between them transport passengers to and from Prague, London-Gatwick and Gdansk. The single-terminal airport sits at just over five kilometers from Poprad city centre, meaning those with car hire in Poprad Airport needn’t travel far to reach their accommodation.

Poprad Airport facilities

Poprad Airport’s facilities include a snack bar, a currency exchange and a travel office. Car rental in Poprad Airport can be arranged at the car rental desk but as this area becomes particularly busy during the height of the ski season, advance bookings are highly recommended.

Poprad Airport excursions

Those with car hire in Poprad Airport are able to travel either along the Partizanska road or the E50 from the airport in order to reach their accommodation in Poprad city centre. While most visitors head to Poprad in the winter for its skiing facilities, the town has plenty to offer in the way of historical landmarks, such as St Egidius Square and Spisska Sobota. Additionally, there is a recently opened water park.

Best time to visit

The winter, from November to February, is generally considered to be the best time to visit Poprad as this is when skiing, the town’s main draw, comes to the forefront. Another popular time of the year is spring, from March to May, which is cooler and less wet than summer.

Car rental in Poprad Airport

Car rental in Poprad Airport is viewed by tourists to this area as an essential purchase given the distance between most hotels and the slopes dotted around the area. Particularly during winter, standing around in the cold waiting for public transport is unpleasant, making car hire an appealing option. Despite Poprad’s popularity, traffic is quite uncommon.