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Car hire Arvidsjaur Airport

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Location information for Arvidsjaur Airport

Arvidsjaur Airport serves the winter sports activity venues around Arvidsjaur. It has daily flights to Stockholm throughout the year and charter flights to several European cities during the peak winter season. On average, 50,000 people a year use Arvidsjaur Airport. The town is 13kms from the airport with car hire in Arvidsjaur Airport.

Arvidsjaur Airport facilities

The airport passenger building has separate Arrivals and Departures concourses. Car rental in Arvidsjaur Airport suppliers operate in Arrivals, while there is an information desk, a souvenir shop and a snack-bar in Departures. The spacious car park next to the terminal offers parking and heater rental during winter.

Arvidsjaur Airport excursions

Route 95 passes the airport and links to the north with Pieljekaise National Park and to the south with Arvidsjaur town. The town operates primarily as a base for skiers, trekkers and people going dog-sledding, snowmobiling and ice-fishing. Car hire in Arvidsjaur Airport is the best way to reach the sector of the Kungsleden hiking path at Pieljekaise, Vittjakk Mountain ski slopes and Arjeplog market.

Best time to visit

The best time to arrive in Arvidsjaur depends on the purpose of the visit. Winters begin in October and continue through to April. There is almost constant snow on the ground during this season and temperatures are well below 0°C. Most visitors come during winter for the snow sports and the views of the Northern Lights. In July and August, temperatures average at 19°C, making for ideal hiking conditions.

Car rental in Algiers Airport

Roads are good in the vicinity of Arvidsjaur Airport. The main problems with driving car rental in Arvidsjaur Airport are wildlife such as elk on the road and ice and snow in winter, but experienced drivers shouldn’t have any problems here. Compare car hire online for the best rates on advance bookings.